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Hotels boost medical tourism programs

Hotelnewsnow.com — Increasing costs of medical procedures and health insurance in many countries have consumers considering alternative ways to get quality care at prices they can afford.

Medical tourism is growing in popularity as an option, and hoteliers around the globe are working to facilitate the process for traveling patients.


Traveling4Health&Retirement Opens Global Communication Among International Medical Providers and Patients Worldwide

Traveling4Health&Retirement (THR) heralds a new era in traveling, global health, and lifestyle with a first opportunity for individuals to explore their options with medical travel and international living.

Traveling4Health&Retirement is the only resource of its kind for the meeting of overseas retirement and health advocacy.


Atkins Completes Design of Oman Medical City

Atkins has completed the master plan of a new world-class health facility, The Medical City, in Salalah, Oman. The project will be the largest private healthcare development in Oman. Atkins was asked to design the master plan for The Medical City on a site covering 800,000 square miles. Located next to the Arabian Sea, the development aims to make use of the surrounding context, hoping it will become a ‘preferred destination for rehabilitation and medical tourism.’


Medical tourism trend could force local hospitals to adapt

Birmingham Business Journal — The burgeoning medical tourism industry could bring increased competition that will drive efficiency and lower prices in America’s healthcare system – or force some hospitals to close – a local healthcare researcher said.




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