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Brookline, Massachusetts – 1 October 2012 – Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training, Inc. has been invited to participate with Stackpole & Associates in the project to conduct a national “Medical Tourism Market Analysis” for ProExport Colombia.

The country has invested substantial sums of money in improving and expanding its health care infrastructure, creating the environment to provide high quality health care services to increasing numbers of international patients. The marketing project is the next step in leveraging those assets to raise Colombia’s profile in the medical travel sector to increase the kinds of services delivered to increasing numbers of patients.

“The extraordinary assets of Colombia are well known in the region”, states Irving Stackpole, President of Stackpole & Associates .” This project is an opportunity to promote those assets on a global scale. For example, there are Centers of Excellence for organ transplant in Colombia. At one hospital alone, doctors perform 40 heart transplants per month. This is the type of skill and expertise that Colombia has to offer the world”.

Over the next several months, the team including The Center for Medical Tourism Research and Margaret Ball, founder of Health Links International, will be conducting original research to identify the best competitive marketing position for the country.

According to Dr. David G. Vequist IV, the founder and Director of the Center for Medical Tourism Research (CMTR), “The CMTR will be capturing and analyzing primary data on the preferences of potential medical tourists for Latin American and specifically Colombian healthcare destinations.” The results of this research will be vital in the development of the country’s marketing plan.

Combining the knowledge and experience of the project team promises the client research-based results with practical recommendations for growing the country’s medical travel sector.

About Medical Tourism Training, Inc. 
Medical Tourism Training, Inc. is a dynamic company offering on-line courses as well as on-site training and consulting services to the individuals and organizations involved in the rapidly growing international health travel sector. With a focus on business skills and training designed to improve the patient/customer experience, the company is the first to market affordable, convenient, and easy to use eLearning solutions that are oriented to working professionals. By collaborating with experts in the fields of medical tourism, health care, business, hospitality, and law, Medical Tourism Training is ready to deliver high quality on-site training and consulting services designed to create measurable change for its clients. For more information about the services offered by Medical Tourism Training, contact Elizabeth Ziemba <mailto:eziemba@medicaltourismtraining.com> .

About Stackpole & Associates
Stackpole & Associates specializes in designing and delivering marketing, market research, consulting, as well as sales and customer service training to healthcare and senior living organizations around the world. With extensive experience in the international health travel sector,Stackpole & Associates guides clients through each phase of developing and implementing strategies and tactics to create innovative and practical solutions to the challenges facing service-intensive organizations. For more information about the services offered by Stackpole & Associates, contact Irving Stackpole directly.

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