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Thetribune242.com — Doctors Hospital is targeting January for its next medical tourism initiative, the BISX-listed healthcare institution telling Tribune Business that its $1.067 million net income performance for the first half of its 2012 financial year was “slightly ahead” of budget projections.

In a series of emailed replies to this newspaper’s questions, Doctors Hospital confirmed it was establishing a spinal surgery and care centre at its Nassau facilities – a project it is undertaking with a consortium featuring U.S. specialists, a spinal parts manufacturer and Bahamian specialist, Dr Valentine Grimes.

“We have recently received medical licenses for three spine surgeons who plan to bring their patients for surgery. Dr Valentine Grimes will work with them. We hope to start them by January,” the BISX-listed healthcare provider told Tribune Business, adding that its High Intensity Focused Ultrasound prostate cancer treatment centre was continuing “on a regular basis, with a trend for increasing the activity”.

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