Dr. Maria K. Todd Presents on Why Medical Tourism Facilitators Fail

Editor's Note: Maria Todd, the author of The Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook (2011 CRC | Productivity Press) and 10 other healthcare business administration professional books was recently asked to present a short session at an international medical tourism conference on the topic of ‘Why So Many Medical Tourism Facilitators Fail.' Dr. Todd examined the phenomenon and compiled her impressions about facilitators with whom she has crossed paths - and that have come and gone since the term and role began its rise in popularity from about 2005 to the present. She concluded her short presentation with suggestions for new and established medical tourism facilitators on how

The Asia Medical Travel Council and the Thai Medical Tourism Association Announce Strategic Alliance by the Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding

The Asia Medical Travel Council (AMTRAC) today welcomes the Thai Medical Tourism Association (TMTA) into its ranks as a pioneer founding member. TMTA will make up one of five of the AMTRAC regional bloc members, the first bloc of its kind in the world, which would in time consist of four other prominent Asian countries that have demonstrated great strides towards the advancement of the medical travel industry backed by internationally accredited medical institutions and highly qualified medical specialists. AMTRAC's vision is to ultimately show the world that its member countries are able to offer safe and affordable medical treatment comparable

AACSH opens its doors to Dubai Medical Tourism Initiative

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital is set to open its doors to international patients seeking quality elective healthcare services in Dubai under the Dubai Medical Tourism Initiative, aiming to establish Dubai and the UAE as a world center for medical tourism. As part of the initiative, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital management will be represented at the Fourth Medical and Health Tourism Congress (MHTC) in Moscow, Russia, to take place March 20 to March 23, 2013. Along with other private healthcare providers, and united under the Dubai Medical Tourism Initiative, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital will

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Launch of Colombia’s Second Free Trade Zone for Health

Pasto, Colombia - The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Tourism inaugurated the Free Trade Zone, "Hispano-American Clinic," on Friday, in the capital of Nariño. This was a response to the commitments made to the regions, and it is in line with the health plan for tourism businesses, which was designed by the Productive Transformation Program (PTP) of the above mentioned ministry. The Hispano-American Clinic represents an investment of $21.6 billion pesos and the creation of over 400 jobs. The head of this portfolio, Minister Sergio Diaz-Granados, said that the clinic represents an investment of $21.6 billion, with projections for the creation of

Physicians Fighting Back Against the Bureaucratization of Healthcare

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Editor's Note: reason.com recently ran an interesting piece looking at the growing trend of direct primary care in the US. A result of physician-entrepreneurs fighting to bring transparent prices and market forces back to healthcare, the model of direct primary care is catching on fast as more and more physicians seek to establish new means of practicing medicine before the healthcare reform law takes full effect in 2014. To read the story and view related clips, click here.

Indian Medical Tourism Conference 2013

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October TBD, 2013 - Bangalore/Ahmedabad, India The Indian Medical Tourism Conference (IMTCA) will showcase the need, progress and opportunities in medical tourism, and engage in conversations about Best Practices and Ethics in Healthcare. It will also showcase how innovation in healthcare is playing a key role in the development of mid- to smaller-sized organizations that face fierce competition from their corporate counterparts. Speakers will include: Dr. David G. Vequist, CMTR - New research development in medical tourism Dr. Pushpa M. Bhargava, scientist, founder of CCMB - Ethics in healthcare Rajeshwar Rao, AP Chamber of Commerce - Incentives from the government Dr. Michael Guiry, UIW -- Marketing medical tourism

This Week in Medical Travel Today…

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Greetings,Accreditation has long been a recurring theme in medical travel and with good reason. However, there’s a new theme emerging: making accreditation and the learning opportunities associated with it available to all. As covered in our interview with the Joint Commission International’s (JCI) Paula Wilson in Issue 3, JCI is working hard to provide education and training programs to institutions and facilities regardless of their accreditation status. Also looking to expand learning and training opportunities is the accreditation newcomer ONE HealthCare Worldwide (OHW) (See SPOTLIGHT). Under the direction of Varsha Lafargue, founder and director of the Indian Medical Tourism Conference & Alliance, OHW

SPOTLIGHT: Varsha Lafargue, ONE HealthCare Worldwide

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Editor's Note: In a recent exchange with David Vequist of the Center for Medical Tourism Research (CMTR), he suggested I reach out to Varsha Lafargue, founder and director of the Indian Medical Tourism Conference & Alliance (IMTCA), to discuss the conference, but more importantly, their collective effort to create a new model for accreditation. While I was interested in hearing about the IMTCA's inaugural event, I was even more interested in learning why they were pursuing a new accreditation program. I think you'll find the answer as interesting as I did. Medical Travel Today (MTT): Let's start with the IMTCA. When did you

International Patients Flock to US for Assisted Reproductive Techniques

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By Celso P. Silva, M.D., M.S., Reproductive Medicine expert, the Center for Reproductive Medicine Celso P. Silva, M.D., M.S. After completing medical school 18 years ago, I moved from Brazil to the US and embarked on a career in reproductive medicine. My plan was to spend a year specializing in this area and then return to Brazil. But, as with many life plans, my circumstances changed, and one year turned into three until, eventually, I made the decision to continue my career in the US. Many years later, I have seen a significant trend in reproductive medical travel to the US by

Serene Med Concierge presents first in series of Medical Tourism Webinars to USCIPP members

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Recently, Serene Med Concierge presented the first in a series of seminars on the International Patient Journey to U.S. Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP). Over 40 academic medical centers dialed in to a webinar on February 26 to hear the presentation given by Akilah Kamaria, director of Marketing for Serene Med Concierge. Focused on the thought processes of the international patient, communication techniques and services needed by international patients, this is the first webinar delivered by Serene Med Concierge supporting US academic medical centers to become more competitive in the global medical tourism marketplace. Serene Med Concierge is a medical travel agency and marketing consultancy